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Severe Weather Policy

There is always a desire on the part of coaches, players, and parents to complete a game when the weather turns bad. However, that is not always doable. Sometimes bad weather will not allow a contest to start or to finish.

Remember. Be safe.
Thunderstorms are especially tricky, especially late in the season when getting the game in is more urgent. As the center referee, you and the coaches should confer is anyone hears thunder or sees lightning, and no one should ever be put at risk.

If you hear thunder or lightning occurs, everyone should take cover in cars or buildings. Do not restart a game until 30 minutes after hearing the last rumble of thunder.

As a center ref or an AR, if you do not have a place to go, do not stay outside. Accept an invitation from, or ask, a coach or a parent sit in a car with them.

Make the Games Count. An Option.
In an effort to make the games count, if both coaches and the center ref agree:
  • Play quarters.
  • Confirm the score with each coach following the first and second quarters.
  • Any scoring in a third quarter or fourth quarter not completed will not count. the score will revert to the score as it stood following the first two quarters.

In some cases, this may not be acceptable. As stated in the CJSA guidelines, you must complete a report for any game not completed because of weather.