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Game Day Duties

Once you arrive at the field, you should begin your pre-game preparations, as indcated below.


1. Check corner flags for proper positioning.

2. Check nets for proper anchoring and for any holes/unattached parts by the posts and crossbar.

3. Always check players against a certified copy of the team roster and player cards, regardless of the level of competition.

4. Conduct the coin flip, with the visiting team in local matches, calling the flip. The center ref should be to one side of the captains and the ARs to the other, facing thew center ref.

5. Officiate play according to the Laws of the Game. The Center Ref is the official time and scorekeeper. The ARs should be prepared to serve as back-up timekeeper or scorekeeper, or both.

5a. Move with the call the entire game. Blow your whistle loud and clear. Be in charge. Guide players to understand the calls.

5b. Conduct yourself in a calm, professional and courteous manner. Keep players safe.

5c. Keep your assistants in view at all time. Watch for offside situations, fouls, and other signals.

5d. Track all yellow and red cards by player name.

5e. Confirm the score with both coaches during intermission, and again at the conclusion of the game.

6. Return all player and coach passes at the conclusion of the contest, UNLESS a player has received a red card. Keep the passes of all players sent off.

7. Complete a game report, noting the score, any carded players, and any other incidents regarding coaches or spectators.

For a more detailed review of preparations and duties, read Information for New Referees, a booklet published by the USSF.